The Knowbots are always looking for new allies to join them in their crusade!

Now is your chance to draw, paint, design or model your very own mechanical character that will join the quest! 

With each submission, give your creation a name and description, and talk about their most exciting features.

Upload as a Jpeg or PDF file, that is under 10MB in size.

If you don't have access to a computer or smartphone, you can post your submissions to:

19 Pedder Street
QLD Albion 4010

Please read the terms & conditions before submitting your artwork. Parental supervision is advised. 

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Welly Bot

It waters plants and it makes juice smoothies and it has a container for the juice. It can pick up rubbish for people.

Created by Alex (5 y/o)

The Special Knowbot

Hello, my name is the Special Knowbot and I can help the animals in the ocean by taking stuff out of the ocean. I am the robot who loves to do taekwondo.

Created by Jake (6 y/o)

Reesikala Bot

It helps the environment and saves the animals rom rubbish and plastic. It plants trees and bushes too.

Created by Cienna (7 y/o)

Lina the Robot

I like to help the environment. This is my knowbot. It sucks up rubbish before the turtles eat the rubbish. It helps the environment.

Created by Destiny (7 y/o)


My knowbot can pick up rubbish in the sea.

Created by Khloe (7 y/o)


My Knowbot's name is Gadget. She picks up all the rubbish from all the parks and ponds and lakes. She sucks up all the rubbish through her arms and into her belly.

Created by Madison (7 y/o)


My knowbot can pick up rubbish from the beach. I pick it up with my extendable arm and place it in my rubbish bag.

Created by Sienna (7 y/o)

Flash Bot

It picks up rubbish and stores it in its robot belly. It can do 5 things at a time. It picks up rubbish.

Created by Levi (7 y/o)

Mr Cleaner

My robot sucks up rubbish. My robot has soap and water in it to clean the floor. The robot needs power. Hands suck rubbish up. Feet clean the floor. Feet have soap and water.

Created by Cohen (6 y/o)


Ruby helps kids to work. My robot cleans the parks. My robot cleans houses and schools.

Created by Kirra (8 y/o)

Rubbish Robot

It sucks up rubbish. My robot sucks up rubbish. It does it on land and sea. It sucks up scraps.

Created by Hayden (8 y/o)

Habitat Jack

This is my robot, Habitat Jack. He helps animals a lot because their habitats are getting destroyed so Jack plants seeds and waters them so the animals can live there.

Created by Isla (8 y/o)