The Knowbots are always looking for new allies to join them in their crusade!

Now is your chance to draw, paint, design or model your very own mechanical character that will join the quest! 

With each submission, give your creation a name and description, and talk about their most exciting features.

Upload as a Jpeg or PDF file, that is under 10MB in size.

If you don't have access to a computer or smartphone, you can post your submissions to:

19 Pedder Street
QLD Albion 4010

Please read the terms & conditions before submitting your artwork. Parental supervision is advised. 

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Space Craft

This space craft is built to pick up the rubbish in space. She will help the universe be better for us. She will also make and store oxygen.

Created by Willow (8 y/o)


This is Greenleaner. She plants green plants for the world. She also makes fresh water for people.

Created by Kailani (9 y/o)

Australia Day Clean Up Robot

I will help the environment. I promise, I know I will. I am a Knowbot. I will help the trees. Even on Australia Clean Up Day, you will see me there. I bet you so much.

Created by Mace (9 y/o)


My Rubbishbot helps the environment by picking up all the rubbish that is sees or senses. It has legs for getting around, eyes for spotting rubbish, and a built-in rubbish bin.

Created by Joslyn (8 y/o)

Robi Knobot

Hello. I am Robi the Knowbot. I want to help the environment. I will put seeds all over the earth and it will be greenish soon. I will create human-friendly environments.

Created by Tharushi (10 y/o)

Recycle Whale

The Recycle Whale can help the ocean environment by finding rubbish or plastic. Not only that, this Recycle Whale has a filter inside to process oil and toxic waste into clean water.

Created by Tiara (9 y/o)

Green Screen

The Green Screen is a Knowbot that runs on gases from the air. It can also release a gas in the sea that can stop infestations and can improve coral growth.

Created by Baylen (11 y/o)


I designed this bot to help plant flowers, and trees to help the environment. It has a smile to keep you happy, on and off buttons and a keyboard to type what flowers and trees to plant.

Created by Marishka (9 y/o)

Scooper Trooper

The sensors in the hands locate rubbish and the arms put the rubbish into the funnel and it turns the rubbish into oil. The oil makes it move The solar panels make the hands move around.

Created by Zac (10 y/o)

Rubbish Cleaner

This is Rubbish Cleaner. I can help people clean up after school is over. I use my vacuum cleaner to suck up rubbish and it ends up in my belly. I also tidy up people's desks ready for the day.

Created by Chloe (10 y/o)

Idea - O - O - O - Bot

This robot lights up when we have good ideas. He has a white board and computer built into his body. He says "idea alert" when we have good ideas and helps us think of more. Good ideas will save the earth.

Created by Hayden McCluskey (7 y/o)

The Pollinator

The Pollinator saves the world by looking after nature and the environment around it. He pollinates the plants with bees and he waters, fertilises and helps kids learn about nature and the environment. He even has an in built baby animal shelter.

Created by Ella McCluskey (9 y/o)